The Best of Japan’s Sweet Desserts and Where to Find them in Tokyo

Are you ready for the Ultimate Dessert Journey of the Japanese capital?
by | January 29, 2018

We often base our itineraries for trips abroad on the must-eats around the city — that is, seeking out famous restaurants and hidden treasures just to check off every must-try in our personal bucket list. A trip to Japan, most especially, requires this because any trip to the Land of the Rising Sun isn’t complete without indulging in a slew of ramen bowls, takoyaki, yakiniku, sushi, and more.

The same is applied to desserts. Japan is also abundant in various sweet delights which locals fall in line for throughout the seasons. Although certain sweets are best eaten in specific regions, you can definitely make the Ultimate Dessert Journey just within Tokyo.

So here’s a rundown of Japan’s famous desserts and where to get them best in Tokyo.

Cream Puffs at Shiro-hige Cream Puff Factory, Setagaya

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