GUIDE: How to Choose the Best Airplane Seat Based on Your Preference

Do pay extra for pre-selected seats?
by | November 03, 2023

From crying babies to rowdy seatmates, airplanes may not be the most comfortable mode of transportation. But there’s a way to have a better experience – if you’re willing to pay extra for it. If you’re going on a holiday and spending extra to get the best seats on your next flight, we’ve curated a quick guide based on preferences and needs:


For safety

Here’s to travelers who are scared of flying, even if it’s just a one-hour trip or less. The safest seat you can get is the middle seat in the rear of the aircraft, based on a study conducted by TIME in 2015. In case of emergencies, going for aisle seats is best for evacuations.

But fret not – did you know that airplanes are the safest mode of transportation? The odds of dying in an airplane crash is 1 out of 205,552, according to a data analysis conducted by the US National Safety Council. In comparison with a car crash that’s 1 out of 102, you’re more likely to encounter an accident on land than in the air.


For extra legroom

We all know that there isn’t much space on an airplane for legroom unless you’re buying business or first-class seats. But there’s a way to get more even when you’re flying economy. When booking your tickets, go for exit rows. But keep in mind that travelers who choose this seat are also asked by the flight crew if they’re ready to assist during an emergency. It’s an added responsibility for sure, but if you don’t mind it, go ahead and snag your extra leg space.


For the best sleep

What’s there to do in airplanes other than sleeping and eating? You may not be laying horizontally the entire time to catch on sleep, but you can get the best quality of sleep when you go for the window seat in the middle of the aircraft. These seats are far from lavatories and galleys, so you won’t be bothered by walking passengers and crew. Bring a neck pillow and you’re good to go!


For silence

Sure, you can combat this by wearing noise-canceling earphones or earplugs, but if you don’t have these gadgets, just choose a seat in the front rows of the cabin to avoid engine noise. Avoid seats behind the engines if you want less noise.


For extra cabin storage


Aside from being the quieter areas of the aircraft, seats in the first few rows have the most storage since passengers seated here board first. But don’t be too greedy and hog the overhead cabin space. If you can store other items under the seat in front of you, just opt for that.


To prevent motion sickness

Here’s to passengers who can’t travel without the meds and inhalers as they easily get dizzy and nauseous. Combined with the occasional turbulence, some will need that vomit bag in front of their seats. If you’re the type to get motion sickness or simply want a smooth sailing ride, select the seats that are directly over the wings. These are rows where you won’t feel much turbulence since they’re more stable.


When flying, do you pay extra to pre-select seats or do you just follow what’s assigned to you? Share with us below!



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