Unbelievably Stunning Cherry Blossom Destinations Outside Japan

Here's your springtime bucket list!
by | January 12, 2018

*When: Early April

Every year, from 1-10 April, Jinhae-gu, a district in Changwon City 45 minutes away from Busan by bus, turns into a wonderland of fully bloomed cherry trees and spectacular light displays just in time for South Korea’s biggest spring festival, Jinhae Gunhangje Festival.

Originally a memorial service to pay respects to the Joseon Period’s greatest naval admiral Yi Sun-sin, the observance, which coincides with the blossoming of cherry trees in the region, eventually became a festival that celebrates both the late notable leader and the colors of the season.

On your visit, don’t miss the romantic cherry blossom road by the Yeojwacheon Stream and Gyeonghwa Station, a cherry-blossom-themed train station that features a dreamy 800-meter cherry blossom tunnel.

2. Jeju Island

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