Disney World Bans Selfie Sticks

Time to start the no-selfie challenge!
by | May 29, 2015

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Disney World has recently advised its visitors that selfie sticks are now been banned in certain spots in the theme park.

A “No Selfie Sticks” sign have reportedly been posted on the Big Thunder Mountain at the Magic Kingdom and other attractions.

This new rule is mostly for safety. Disney officials decided they needed to stop potential accidents after the Big Thunder Mountain needed to be stopped after guests pulled out their devices during the ride’s operation.

A Disney spokesperson said that guests can still bring their selfie sticks to the park, but there will be a number of rides that won’t allow it.

Cast members/greeters in the parks have also been advised to tell guests with visible selfie sticks to not use the device during the ride or the attraction.

A Disney World cast member told Inquisitr: “Guests are not happy that they will have found a place to watch the Wishes fireworks or Celebrate the Magic (Show on Cinderella Castle), and it’s a perfect view…but then a selfie stick goes right up in the air in front of their face.”

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