Explore These Unpeopled Beaches in Asia

There are still unexplored places in Asia.
by | July 18, 2019

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via jonistravelling

Near the border of Cambodia, Koh Kut is a hidden paradise that is quite a hassle to reach. If you want to take the easy way in, you can board a plane to Trat and take a boat to the island. But that’s also expensive. If you want to save up, you’d need a lot of patience when travelling to Koh Kut. And it might be a good idea to save up on travel, because accommodations in Koh Kut are known to be expensive with lots of high-end resorts. Though, if you look hard enough, you’ll find a lot of cheaper alternatives.

Nevertheless, this expensive reputation of Koh Kut has succeeded in keeping away most of the crowd, so you can enjoy peace and quiet and the good food right in front of the beach that feels near-private. Get around the island with a scooter. Go kayaking or snorkeling, with most establishments offering equipment. If you’re not up for a dive, join the trek to the waterfalls, or if you really just want to kick back and relax, maybe you can go squid-fishing.


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