The Best Free Things to Do in Bangkok

Besides your typical shop and dine.
by | June 19, 2017

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and is home to over 8 million people. The home of the famous energy drink (Red Bull) offers a lot more with its captivating sights and historical landscapes, the reason why it was voted as the world’s number one tourist destination in recent years. The contrast of old and new can be seen within the city, as Bangkok is home to many temples and shopping malls. But even with the clashing of centuries, Bangkok stays true to itself: a welcoming city to its multi-cultural visitors.

With its endless alleyways that always seem to lead to shopping stalls, you’re bound to spend and spend on a lot. Worry not, because there are ways to enjoy your vacation in Bangkok without spending a single Baht. There are countless of free things you can do while visiting the land of the free.

1. Thai Dancing at Erawan Shrine

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