Here’s a 9-Step Skincare Routine for Long Haul Flights

You gotta keep looking fresh!
by | July 02, 2018

Frequent flyers would know this: long-haul flights do the worst things on our skin. With the pressurized air, low humidity, and airconditioning, a long-haul flight is a recipe for a dry face.

To combat all that, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated and moisturized throughout your trip. Here is a good skincare routine you can do while you’re miles up in the air!



Remove your make-up

Before leaving the house to head to the airport, remove your make-up. All your face needs before your long trip is a layer of moisturizer (and sunblock if your trip is during the daytime)

Exfoliate your face

Exfoliating will rid your face of the dead skin cells that might make your skin look even more dry and flaky. Follow it up, of course, with your regular skincare routine — tone, moisturize, and sunblock or facial oil.



Spritz your face regularly with facial spray

Given the low humidity level, you’ll need to give your face as much moisture as you can. Pack a facial spray in your carry-on and spritz your face every now and then for a hydrated and dewy glow!

Cleanse your face

After your in-flight meal and before you sleep, it’s important to cleanse your face to get rid of the dirt and grime that have accumulated all over your skin. You can use your go-to facial wash or, if the bathroom isn’t a space you’d like to spend an extended period in, wipe your face clean with micellar water and cotton pads.

Apply your toner

After cleansing, it’s always important to restore the pH levels of your skin by using a toner. It also hydrates, moisturizes, refreshes, and protects your skin from impurities. Apply it first on a clean cotton pad and wipe it all over your face. Afterwards, pour a few drops on the palm of your hands and pat it directly on your skin. Let it soak in for a few minutes before proceeding with the next steps.

Use a sheet mask

It doesn’t matter if you look weird to the strangers next to you; sheet masks help lock-in the needed moisture on your face. It also secures all the good stuff you get from your previous skincare steps in your face. Don’t forget to use the extra serum on your neck, décolletage, and arms!


Of course, seal it all in with your go-to moisturizer. Apply it on your face down to your neck in gentle massaging motions to help your skin absorb it better and to give your face that much-needed pampering.

Slather on some lip balm

Don’t forget to care for your lips as well! Apart from drinking lots of water, keep your lips moisturized with your lip balm of choice. This is an especially important step before you hit the sack as it will keep your lips from drying out while you sleep.



Cleanse, tone, hydrate again

Wipe your canvas clean of all the skincare products you used, and prep your face with a refreshing toner application and generous spritzes of your facial spray. Drink a few more glasses of water too!


What’s your skincare routine during long-haul flights? Share them in the comments section below!


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