October 2020

Go for a drive if you dare.

Trace Woo Yeon and Soo's footsteps around the city!

One of Baguio City's latest attractions looks like the famous Japanese tourist spot.

Get back to basics, but comfortably.

New photo spot for the gram.

It looks ~magical~

Leave your worries in the city as you spend time at Tropical Stay.

Nothing better than being surrounded by nature.

The only downside is you’d wish you can stay longer.

It's the stuff IG goals are made of.

What secrets do these walls hold?

It's the first tribal themed hotel in the region

Help spread the word about the beauty of the Philippines by casting your votes!

There's more to Manila than the usual tourist traps.

It's just one hour away from Makati!

It's the perfect mix of old and new.

It's time to reconnect with nature.

Nine hectares of untouched beauty.

What should you prep for long-haul flights?

It's so dreamy!

Stay safe as you take the plunge!