How to Eat Sushi: See What You’ve Been Doing Wrong

This is SOY awesome.
by | May 14, 2015

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Eating sushi is an adventure, an art, a ritual. This is why it’s sometimes so damn hard to get things right.

But no more excuses, internet! It’s time we educate ourselves once and for all.

In a video made possible by Munchies, the food channel of VICE, we see the proper way to eat this beautiful Japanese invention. Here, thanks to chef Naomichi Yasuda, we’ll see the things that most of us may have overlooked.

Yasuda’s explanations have made us arrive to the following sushi rules we should all abide by:

Rule number 1: Use your fingers when eating sushi rolls.

Rule number 2: NEVER combine ginger and sushi. Eat the ginger, which serves as a palate cleanser, after having the sushi. Also, do not dip the ginger into the soy sauce.

Rule number 3: NEVER shake the soy sauce off the sushi. Mr Yasuda says that this is only for the men’s room.

Congratulations! Now that you’re sushi-wiser, it’s time to practice and show the world what you know. Don’t forget to pay it forward and keep learning, and–if you have the resources–visit Japan to indulge in the real thing.


Know other sushi rules we should all be aware of? Share them in the comments below!

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