How to Save More for Travel: 6 Habits You Should Ditch

Want more trips? Skip these 'little' expenses.
by | March 16, 2017

Not being preachy here, but you probably have a teeny, seemingly cheap daily habit that’s low-key sabotaging your travel plans.

You see, the cost of every little thing you spend on for a habit add up. Your morning coffee from that popular cafe, your favorite afternoon snack, and even that stick of cigarette for your next break… these little luxuries you enjoy may not noticeably put a dent on your budget, but if you’ll take the time to calculate how much you spend on them every month, you might be surprised by the amount of money you’ve blown on these totally unnecessary items.

Thing is, if you can afford to keep such habits for quite a while now, you can definitely afford to travel! All you have to do is cut them to a minimum or, better yet, ultimately get rid of them. True enough, this is easier said than done, but just try to give your costly habits a rest. You can thank us when you’ve finally saved up for that dream trip you’ve been itching to take.

1. Cut back on (pricey) coffee

Save about: PHP3,300/month or PHP39,000/year

Sure, you need that cup of coffee stat to get your day going, but do you really have to buy it from an expensive cafe? If it’s just that kick of caffeine you need, why not prepare your own cup at home or in the office? With the amount you can save from cutting back on pricey coffee for a year, you can certainly make that five-day Japan getaway happen!

2. Skip the cigs

Save about: PHP2,100/month or PHP25,500/year

Use your desire to travel as your motivation to quit smoking. It will be tough, but do consider this: If you smoke a case of cigarettes a day, you’re throwing away at least PHP25,500 per year. And for what? To mess with your lungs and the precious air we breathe? Please, you’re better off spending that much for a healing trip in Bali.

3. Snack sparingly

Save about: PHP1,100/month or PHP13,200/year

Start eating fuller meals. Snacking on the side every now and then may seem harmless, but it does more damage to your wallet and waistline than you realize. So before you grab that sandwich at the deli, or those fries at your favorite fast food chain, or even just that chocolate bar at a nearby corner store, you might want to think again. At about PHP13,200 per year, that’s more than enough money for a shopping day out in Seoul or Bangkok!

4. Say no to costly hangouts

Save about: PHP1,500/month or PHP18,000/year

Whether you’re simply going to catch the latest blockbuster hit at the cinemas or grab a few drinks at the bar on Friday night, hangouts with friends always involve some good money. And if you regularly go out, it certainly strains your bank somehow. Now, we’re not telling you to avoid your friends. Don’t be a buzzkill. Instead, be that friend who suggests far more “economical” hangout options. Ask them if they’re up for a chill board game night or a movie marathon at your place. Maybe, they’d like to binge-watch your favorite TV series over a bowl of microwave popcorn. The goal here is to have fun without spending too much. Who knows? By resorting to cheap thrills, your entire barkada might even be able to save up enough money to go backpacking across Southeast Asia!

5. Quit buying bottled water

Save about: PHP440/month or PHP5,200/year

You may not have given it some thought before, but getting yourself a water bottle helps you save a good sum of money. Compare spending at least PHP5,200 per year on bottled water to spending some P1,000 on a trusty water bottle that can last for years. Big difference, right? And it’s not just about the money. By getting yourself a reusable bottle, you also do your part in protecting the environment.

6. Lessen your time online

Save about: PHP1,000/month or PHP12,000/year

If you’re pained by the extra fees that come with exceeding your credit limit each month, then stick to your phone plan and cut your time online, especially when you’re on mobile data. Every byte loaded is money, so stop pointlessly refreshing and scrolling up and down your feed every few minutes. It will barely give you something new! Also check your data usage meter to closely monitor the apps you use often, as well as the amount of data they eat up whenever you’re online. Want to go the extra mile? Downgrade your phone plan and enjoy more time offline. Trust us, there’s more to see in the real world than what you can on your phone screen.

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Andy Flores is a pathological penny pincher with impulse shopping and binge-eating tendencies. She’s constantly saving up for new adventures, so she dabbles in writing jobs here and there. Her not-so-secret dream is to be an extra in a big Bollywood movie.

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