Kalanggaman Island: A Not-So-Secret Paradise in Leyte

Escape to the sea.
by | November 04, 2017

Nothing compares to waking up in a place you can call paradise. The calming sound of the sea, the crisp air kissing your cheek. There comes a time when we long for a place somewhere far and remote, away from all the noise and distractions even for just a day. With that, let it be said that the province of Leyte in Visayas is home to the kind of paradise that your heart and soul need.

A 40-minute boat ride away from the mainland is the majestic islet named Kalanggaman. While it’s nothing new to frequent travelers — mainly because of its famed sandbar — the place still feels like it’s a secret spot. Kalanggaman is laid-back and unpretentious; not a single part of it is commercialized, thanks to the preservation efforts of the local government.


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