5 Hacks for Booking Last Minute Travel Deals

You don't have to spend a lot of money on a last-minute trip.
by | November 24, 2015

The holiday season is almost upon us once again, and most of us are gearing up to go on trips with the family or visit our loved ones abroad. This can be tricky, though, since prices usually skyrocket at this time of year. Fear not, for there are ways you can use the season to your advantage.

With modern technology and a little hard work, you can take your family on that awesome vacation you’ve been planning for years. Here are five hacks for booking last minute travel deals:

Use travel applications to find great deals


There are a lot applications on the market today that will help you find great bargains for flights. These apps carefully screen thousands of e-newsletter deals and websites for the best ones available. Some examples of good apps to use are: Travelzoo, Last Minute Travel, and Expedia. Get these apps even if they may cost a little extra money because in the long run it can save you more than half of what you were originally going to spend for a flight.

Be flexible about your travel time and destination


If you are flexible and not picky about where and when you want to go, then you can find some awesome last minute deals. If you are planning a trip to Barcelona but the prices are steep, why not opt for a spontaneous trip to Morocco for half the price instead? Travelling on weekdays is also much cheaper than flying on weekends. Try and book your departure for Tuesdays and Wednesdays because prices tend to skyrocket when Friday hits. Choosing flights in lesser known airports or with more stopovers can save you a hefty amount of money as well. In a nutshell, be flexible.

Look for cancellation holidays


Be on the lookout for airlines selling last minute holiday packages at huge discounts. This usually happens when their customers can no longer travel. This requires diligence on your part as you have to always be aware and act quickly, but a little extra push can make that worthy vacation possible.

Follow social media accounts that offer special deals


Suddenly, using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will actually prove to be productive. Follow the social media accounts of travel tours or airlines so that you are always informed about special deals they’re offering. Remember, these deals can be offered at any time and they may be limited so the key is not to hesitate.

Move fast, but pay attention


When it comes to booking last minute deals, being first is the name of the game. Most of the time, these deals will be offered to the first bidder so use an effective system when searching for your flights. Act quickly, but NEVER forget to read the fine print. Some deals may have a catch, so always make sure you understand what you’re signing up for.


How do you snag travel deals like a ninja? Spill the beans below!


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