Local YouTube Vloggers With Channels That Will Give You Major Wanderlust

Live vicariously through their experiences
by | June 08, 2020

Travel vloggers are a gift to this world and it’s thanks to them we discover cool places to add to our bucket lists. They have given us endless travel hacks, tips, and tricks to navigate new territory, pretty useful for when we’re planning our own itineraries. If we can’t get to travel on our own, at least we get to live vicariously through their adventures and personal experiences. These local travel vloggers and their quality content are worth hitting that subscribe button for.


Aaron Palabyab

Aaron Palabyab is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer and his epic travel logs are proof. Whenever he’s out recording time-lapses and doing astrophotography, he shares tips and tricks with his viewers. Aaron’s travel videos are so relaxing they just might inspire you to travel and take videos too. And if you appreciate great cinematography, you should totally hit that subscribe button.


Patrice Averilla

Patrice Averilla’s YouTube account, AVELOVINIT, is dedicated to her local and international adventures. She shares travel guides, itineraries, and tips on where to go and what to eat with her more than 240k subscribers. She has made videos in Siargao, Palawan, Bicol, Antique, and internationally in Norway, Brazil, Europe, Spain, and more. Patrice often includes her fiancé and fellow travel vlogger Martin Solhaugen in her videos so expect to be in for a whole lot of kilig and laughter.


Wil Dasovich

What’s a local YouTuber list without Wil Dasovich in it? Wil has cemented his place in the travel community as the favorite of many, with 2.43 million subscribers on his channel. His humor, coupled with all the interesting places and gimmicks he comes up with, makes him a cut above the rest. If you need to go somewhere locally, chances are there’s already a Wil Dasovich video that can help you.


Mikael Daez

Mikael Daez isn’t your typical travel vlogger. Where other vloggers make it a point to travel for content, he is the other way around. He simply brings his camera, oftentimes as the ultimate third-wheeler with him and his wife Megan Young, to record their adventures. Watch any of his vlogs and you’ll find yourself smiling at the couple’s antics and Mikael’s funny edits.


Becoming Filipino


The Philippines’ beauty is not only appreciated by locals but it also attracts foreigners from far and wide. Sometimes, like Canadian Kyle Jennerman, it even makes them move to live here. Kyle has fondly adopted the nickname “Kulas” and his YouTube channel Becoming Filipino is dedicated to his travels across the country. He has been living in the Philippines since 2013 and has visited more than 70 provinces in the country. He might not be Filipino by heritage but he is definitely Filipino by heart.


Erwan Heussaff

Travel and food? Erwan’s channel is your go-to. The shots and cinematography for his vlogs are stunning and almost National Geographic-worthy. His vlogs will let you in on the best places to eat during local and international travels and almost every video won’t let you leave without some sort of recipe to try.


Who are your favorite travel bloggers?

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