LOOK: Siargao and Laguna Delivers Takeaway Pizza in Eco-friendly Handwoven Boxes

Takeout has never been this innovative.
by | August 10, 2020

Imagine ordering your favorite Hawaiian (yes, pineapples deserve to be on pizza) or Pepperoni pizza and having it delivered to you in a woven box, now that’s something. The innovativeness and creativity of Pinoys once again shone through the interesting takeout boxes we’ve been seeing on our timelines recently. Pizza in eco-friendly boxes are awesome for two reasons: they reduce trash and they help locals earn income.

In the beautiful island of Siargao, restaurant Aqwa Siargao is making a move toward sustainability. They shared on Facebook how they have started using eco-friendly takeaway pizza boxes since July. The initiative, aside from a step into their aim of promoting sustainability, also provided job opportunities for local Tangbo weavers whose livelihood is affected by the quarantine.

Being the first restaurant on the island to develop this kind of packaging, Aqwa Siargao also said that they “would be happy to see this initiative happening on the whole island.” Follow Aqwa Siargao on Facebook for more information or send them a message at 0915 872 7934 for orders.

These woven pizza boxes are also be found in Luzon through The Brick Oven Café, a Laguna-based restaurant. Their reusable boxes are aptly dubbed “TampiPizza” are made from dried pandan leaves. Local weavers meticulously create the boxes, a job which provides them extra income in the middle of a pandemic.

The Brick Oven Café mostly delivers in Laguna, but they also organize occasional deliveries for Metro Manila. You follow them on Facebook for more details, order inquiries, and a list of delivery areas. You can also reach them through 0965 183 3895 or 0951 424 6854.

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