Essential Millennial Travel Advice from these Millennials

“Don’t be afraid to show everyone how you see the world.”
by | October 22, 2015

Here’s a statement that might flatter or shock you: Millennials are actually credible sources of travel advice. An Expedia Survey found that millennials travel for leisure the most and that they are adept with what comprises a good travel experience.

Meet Kimi Juan, Jelito De Leon and Aaron Articulo. These millennials are all incredible photographers who love to travel. We’ve curated quotes from them that make great and relatable travel advice. Also, feast your eyes on their photos, and get a better hold of how they see home, the globe and the journeys in between.

KJ 1

“Wake up early—it’s worth it. The sun waits for no one.” – Kimi Juan



“Don’t be afraid to show everyone how you see the world.” –Jelito De Leon



“Traveling is, in its very essence, the broadening of our narrow perspectives and the widening of our worldviews. Travel is transformative.” –Aaron Articulo



“People think you have to travel far to find beauty in the Philippines, but I like how I can find beauty in places you would never expect.” –Kimi Juan



“It is when you come face to face with important realities and life lessons that you have been so blinded to for the longest time that the experience of travel becomes absolutely real.” –Aaron Articulo



“You have to go through these obstacles before you see the beauty of a place and that’s what excites me.” –Kimi Juan



“I love the idea of freezing a moment and being able to look back at how the moment felt. I also love being able to tell a story through photos.” –Jelito De Leon



“We will meet people who have nothing materially, but have hearts as wide and vast as the ocean; we will meet kind strangers who will help us find our way to our destinations.” –Aaron Articulo



“Travel is truly the best teacher because in traveling we not just know, but experience the greatest universal truths that every human heart holds.” –Aaron Articulo


Know any other millennials we can source travel advice from? Sound off below!

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