7 Money Challenges That Will Help You Fund Your Dream Trip

Are you going to hit your travel goals this year?
by | July 04, 2017

Choose an amount you want to treat as “invisible” and stash it out of your sight — into a jar or coin bank — as soon as you receive it. The amount can be as low as PHP1 or as high as PHP1000. As long as you can keep yourself from spending it before hitting your target, then this challenge would be a breeze for you.

7. The Excess Cash Challenge

Hate following patterns? This is the simplest money challenge on our list! All you have to do is drop all the excess money (spare change included!) you have at the end of the day in a jar. Watching it pile up with money is such a gratifying sight that it just compels you to keep chipping in more in the days to come. Sure, this is old school, but it does reward you in more ways than one.

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Andy Flores is a pathological penny pincher with impulse shopping and binge-eating tendencies. She’s constantly saving up for new adventures, so she dabbles in writing jobs here and there. Her not-so-secret dream is to be an extra in a big Bollywood movie.

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