This Moroccan-Inspired Villa Is a Secret Hideaway Right in the Heart of Quezon City

A private, IG-worthy villa!
by | March 10, 2021

An idyllic travel destination, Morocco has a wide variety of places to discover. From magnificent mountain ranges to historic ancient cities, there’s a lot to enjoy. Unfortunately, travel is difficult right now, but we know just where you can experience a piece of Morocco even if you’re just in the country — the Morocco Pocket Villa in Quezon City.


Morocco Pocket Villa

A small, private home, Morocco Pocket Villa sits in the middle of a commercial center that looks just like any other in the city. You would actually have to ask the locals around where the place is just to find it, because the entrance is just a green gate with no label on it — only a traditional Moroccan geometric pattern over the green paint. But this just adds to its charm — it’s almost like you’re in on a secret.

When you enter the villa, you’d feel like you stepped into a different world with the Arabian motifs and architecture all around the place. The windows have arch styles and curtains that flutter around with the wind, creating a feeling like you’re just a few steps away from the desert.

There are only two rooms, but they are designed simply with warm colors and full of double beds and double decks to maximize space and accommodate more people. Each room has Arabian lights hanging from the ceiling as well as Moroccan motifs and patterns painted over the walls. The simplicity makes it a pretty Instagram-worthy spot. Plus, all the rooms are airconditioned, so you don’t even have to worry about the tropical heat.

The whole place wraps around the swimming pool in the middle. The arch-style sliding doors all around it allow you to access the pool from anywhere in the villa. The pool is not too deep nor too big, but the plants and painted walls surrounding it make for a pretty snapshot. It’s perfect for just soaking up in the water to relax and forgetting your worries. Or simply chilling by the mini outdoor table and chairs set situated just by the pool.


This pretty and private villa is located at 42-C Examiner Street, Quezon City. You can see this address in Google Maps or Waze. Look for a dark green gate with a Moroccan pattern painted over it in white.

They have parking available for guests who will bring cars. But walk-ins are not allowed. Morocco Pocket Villa requires a reservation before a stay. So if you want to experience a staycation at this hidden villa, book your stay through Airbnb now.


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