Dream Movie Itinerary: A ‘Before Sunrise’ Tour of Vienna, Austria

In this new series, we track down the shooting locations of your favorite films.
by | April 06, 2016

Before Sunrise has been the subject of many a daydream since its release in 1995. Every girl (and a surprising number of guys) longed for the kind of happenstance the characters of Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke had. So much that it became the beginning of director Richard Linklater’s Before trilogy.

The film gives a lot to take away, but nothing has ever made Vienna so romantic—so perfect for an entire day’s worth of strolling.


The Train Ride

Wien Westbahnhof rail station on Europaplatz

Before Sunrise 1

Before Sunrise 2

The train they were on actually 1) goes from Budapest to Vienna, and 2) stops at the same spot.


The Nice Bridge

Zollamtssteg Bridge

Before Sunrise 3

Before Sunrise 4

The bridge where Jesse and Celine get invited to a show is actually a couple of miles from the rail station so make the necessary adjustments. It looks just like it did in the film.


The Record Store

Teuchtler Schallplattenhandlung

Before Sunrise 5

Before Sunrise 6

The booth where they listen to Kath Bloom isn’t there anymore but the shop’s still there and it’s just as ridiculously well-stocked.


Maria Theresa Square

Maria Theresien platz

Before Sunrise 7

Before Sunrise 8

And while the best time to go to Vienna for a Before Sunrise tour is in the summer, the square the Christmas center of the city.


The Cemetery


Cemetery of the Nameless

Before Sunrise 9


This location is the farthest of all locations in the movie—it’s pretty hard to find but you’ll get there. It’s called Cemetery of the Nameless because it’s the final resting ground for the unidentified victims of the Danube River.


The First Kiss

Reisengrad/Prater Ferris wheel

Before Sunrise 11

Before Sunrise 12

The location for the two characters’ first kiss is no less than the giant Ferris wheel that looks out to the city. It’s currently one of Vienna’s biggest attractions.


The Little Café and the Palm Reader

Kleines Café

Before Sunrise 13

Before Sunrise 14

The small plaza café where the couple stumbles into a palm reader it Kleines Café. It’s still there and it looks pretty much the same except we’re not so sure about the palm reader.



Donaukanal (Danube Canal) near Schwedenplatz

Before Sunrise 15

Before Sunrise 16

The part of the stroll that led to a (literally) starving poet to write them a poem based on the word “milkshake” is a really nice part of the walk along the Danube Canal.


“Ring Ring”

Café Sperl

Before Sunrise 17

Before Sunrise 18

The two stop at a second café, this time Café Sperl, and simulate phone calls to confess their feelings for each other.


The Balcony

Albertina Palais Museum balcony

Before Sunrise 19

Before Sunrise 20

The spot where Jesse tells Celine that he feels like the entire day has been a dream world is the balcony of the Albertina Palais Museum.

Before Sunrise 21

Before Sunrise 22

After their time at the park (wink, wink), the two head back to the balcony and sat the monument. Jesse goes on to attempt to quote WH Auden’s “As I Walked Out One Evening” to emphasize that, even in their dream world, they’re running out of time.

PS: as sad as it is, the park where they spend the night is now a parking lot. But, since almost everything else is as is—even after 21 years—it’ll all be worth it.

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