Remember Myspace Tom? Well, He’s been Living the Life While Taking the Most Beautiful Travel Photos

Here's what everyone's first friend has been up to!
by | May 16, 2017

If you’re old enough to have had a Myspace account, then you’ll remember its co-founder Tom Anderson, a.k.a. Myspace Tom. He was everyone’s first friend on the networking site until about 2010, five years after he sold the company for USD580 million.

What’s he been up to, you ask? The answer is what you’d probably be doing if you had USD580 million — traveling around the world. Except since an experience at Burning Man in 2011, Tom has been taking breathtakingly beautiful photographs from his trips. Thankfully, he’s been posting them on Instagram, and it’s #TravelGoals all over.

Here’s a sneak peek.

Flying over Manila


Somewhere in Taiwan


Driving in Sierra Nevada


Nusa Lembongan in Indonesia


The Tianmen Mountain Road in China


Fall in Patagonia


A Japanese Hot Spring


Sunset in the Sahara


Zion National Park


The Sagano Bamboo Forest in Japan

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