Beers for Fears: Grab Some of These Philippine Mythology-Inspired Brews

Learn about local folklore through these brews.
by | October 26, 2017

Alamat Craft Brew is a limited batch craft brewery from Quezon City whose beers and labels pay tribute to Filipino folklore. Established in 2015, Alamat (which gets its name for the Filipino term for legend or myth) has a wide lineup of bottled beers which are all named after creatures from Philippine lower mythology.

They have the smoky Kapre Roasted IPA named after a tree giant that likes to smoke cigars; Ansisit Session IPA named after a dwarf in Ilocano folklore; Bakunawa Duyog Stout named after a gigantic sea serpent/dragon believed to be the cause of eclipses; Mambabarang (Imperial Black IPA) named after a type of witch who uses black magic; and Bungisngis Kambal Tsoko Stout (Chocolate Stout) named after a one-eyed giant who lives in forests.


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