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You can bring your furbabies too!

A home away from home nestled in a 24-hectare farm.

Gear up, this one’s for the adventurous.

This Promised Land has delightful beach huts that will transport you away from your worries.

Seems like Angeles is where the cool kids go these days.

You can also rent the whole property for your group.

It's an Instagrammable dream!

Have a slice of Bali in Pampanga.

Sometimes all you need is the beach, some beer, and conversations by the shore.

Immerse yourself in history.

Learn about the country's rich history.

The Pad is pet-friendly too!

Craving for bagoong?

The common area looks like a mini jungle!

Just a three-hour drive from the Metro.

As bikers would say, "susuka pero hindi susuko."

Make the beach your front yard for a month.

Welcome to the camp life.

You can't really stop yourself from chasing waterfalls in this heat, can you?

It's always good to find a view that you could own to yourself. Now, who's ready for the summer?

This cabin lodging in San Miguel municipality is a secluded adventure haven in the middle of nowhere.