Beers for Fears: Grab Some of These Philippine Mythology-Inspired Brews

Learn about local folklore through these brews.
by | October 26, 2017

Engkanto Brewery, which formally launched earlier this year, similarly aims to bring back forgotten Philippine folklore into the daily lives of the modern Filipino through beer. Their eye-catching inkblot style logo of a moth turning into a butterfly symbolizes what they envision for the Philippine beer scene.

In Philippine folklore, Engkantos are supernatural beings or spirits that have the power to enchant people. They’re known as guardians of natural creations, such as the Sirena (mermaids), the Duwende (dwarves), and many others. Engkanto Brewery aims to introduce a line of high-quality craft beers that fit the average Filipino’s palate and pocket with their “magic recipe” for beer that they hope will give Filipinos a mystical experience.

Where to try Engkanto beers: Engkanto beer is available in select bars, restaurants, and hotels in Metro Manila including Polilya Bar in Poblacion, The Belle & Dragon in Legazpi Village and The Bottle Shop in BGC and Magallanes.

Mythic Beers by Baguio Craft Brewery

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