Here’s How You Can Visit New York From the Safety of Your Couch During Quarantine

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by | April 30, 2020

Being on lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t see the world. With all the technological advancements from the world wide web to augmented reality, you can experience the world even through the small screen of your phone. Or you could mirror it to your TV for a bigger, better show. It might not be the same as going there yourself, but it’s definitely a step up from not seeing or experiencing any of these beautiful sights at all.


Enjoy a view of nature


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Even if you’re indoors, you can still enjoy nature. Somewhat. It’s not the same, because you don’t really get that much-needed breath of fresh air, but we’d say that seeing the view of the infamous Central Park and the New York Botanical Garden would get you halfway there.


See an opera


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While they’re not too popular in the Philippines, operas remain quite the spectacle that, if you can, you should try at least once in your life. And when the opera houses bring it to your door — specifically, your phone — why not try it? Go to the Metropolitan Opera’s website and see the different operas they have scheduled daily. 


Visit the museums

New York is full of museums and art galleries that you’d probably need more than a week or — or maybe even two or more — just to see all of them. 

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum can show you its famous rotonda along with several digital guides, live-streamed interviews, and virtual tours of over 1700 artworks.


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You can also enjoy the works of artists of the likes of Rembrandt and Goya through The Frick Collection in their Upper East Side mansion. Just visit their website to get your own virtual tour.

Meanwhile, the American Museum of Natural History offers several ways you can virtually see their exhibits. You can get in via their Explorer app, join recorded tours on their Facebook page, or go at your own pace via the Google Arts and Culture tour.


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If you’re looking for a more specific curation, try visiting the Whitney Museum of American Art, where their artworks are carefully curated into six different categories such as literary realism and American modernism, making you feel as if you’re in an actual museum.


Enrich your mind

Of course, you can’t leave out one of the most famous museums in the world — the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or MoMA. On top of having their curated exhibits online via Google Arts and Culture, MoMA has made hundreds of publications free to download! Now you can stock up on all those knowledge on art history.

It’s definitely  time to see Van Gogh’s The Starry Night. And maybe read a bit more about it in these art history books.


Which one do you want to try first? Tell us below!

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