The 7 People You Meet When You Travel

Have you met any of these guys?
by | September 15, 2015

Whether you find it pleasurable or terrifying, meeting other people when you travel is unavoidable. This is one of the things that make trips all the more interesting and memorable. You’ll either make awesome friends, tell great (or interesting) stories, or, if you’re really lucky, have both.

Here are seven characters who are likely to make an appearance in your travel stories.

7. The Dudes

7 People you meet travel

Binge-drinking and bicep-building are always top priorities for these guys. They’re always on the lookout for the wildest parties, hottest girls and cheapest booze. Usually, you can spot them at the beach, possibly topless with oiled abs. They’re the best company if you want nights you won’t remember.

Most likely to say: “Bro, I was so wasted that one time when…”

6. The Gadget Boy/Girl

6 People you meet travel

Find a person wearing something very sleek and functional, holding all the latest gadgets and carrying a backpack that looks like their entire life is in it. That’s The Techie Girl/Boy Scout. This is the person at the hostel with the universal adaptor, several gadgets charging by his/her side and reading a guidebook before heading to bed.

If you’re looking for someone to take your photo, The Techie Girl/Boy Scout will always be the right choice. You can expect a clear and well-composed snapshot with options to boot.

Most likely to say: “Do you need help? This is how you do it…”

5. The Musician

5 People you meet travel

This person will most probably have a guitar strapped to his/her back wherever he/she goes, but is also likely to know how to play other instruments. People tend to gravitate towards The Musician during delays or dead hours because this is when the guitar is brought out and a jam session starts. You’ll never be bored with this person.

If you’re about to go on a long road trip, but you’ve forgotten your earphones and your iPod is drained, sit with The Musician. This person will most likely have decent, if not excellent, taste in music that you can add to your own collection.

Most likely to say: “OooOOoOh, this would make a great song!”

4. The Hippie

4 People you meet travel

Usually at the park reading an existentialist book, this traveler will most likely be sporting dreadlocks, facial hair, colorful and baggy clothes, or a “unique” tattoo. To be safe, don’t litter or waste plastic in front of this person; you might get the eco-friendly hippie furious.

For travelers who are soul searching, having a deep conversation with The Hippie might be a meaningful experience. Also, if you find yourself feeling under the weather, The Hippie might have some herbal medicine that could be helpful.

Most likely to say: “I need (a) bud(dy).”

3. The One Who Won’t Spend


3 People you meet travel

This is the person with a backpack pocket stuffed with coupons and with complete information on all the right promotions, deals, and cheap finds. If you’re on a tight budget, it would be wise to get some tips from TOWWS.

Just be wary when it’s time to split the bill for meals, tours and other expenses. The TOWWS will most likely do the math for how much each person has to pay. Make sure he/she pays as much as the others and doesn’t get away with a free pass.

Most likely to say: “How do you say ‘discount’ in your language?”

2. The Selfie BFFs

2 People you meet travel

Most likely girls on spring break or on a graduation trip, these ladies won’t be seen exploring without their selfie sticks at hand. Check out their camera rolls, and you won’t find a building, monument, or mountain without their pouts or tongue-out-smiley front and center.

They won’t mind a delay on the tour or on the transportation’s arrival. They’ll be busy making sure their photos are edited on point and ready to be added to their flawless Instagram feeds.

Most likely to say: “Instagraminit!”

1. The Couple on their Honeymoon

1 People you meet travel

These guys can’t take their eyes, hands, lips and every other body part off of each other. They’re having the time of their lives in a foreign country, and nothing can go wrong as long as they’re together. The bus’ heater or air conditioner can be broken, and this couple won’t mind. To them, that would mean an excuse to cuddle in public, or seeing their partner glowing with sweat.

It’s either you see them as a #RelationshipGoal or a sickening sight. If you’re traveling to get through a breakup, it’s probably going to be the latter.

Most likely to say: Nothing (they’ll mostly be kissing).

Honesty hour! Which type of traveler are you?

Shen Mascariñas travels mainly for the unique food each destination offers and for the "I'm on vacation" free pass to pig out.

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