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Luzon Lockdown: The Most Creative Pinoy ‘Quarantours’

We're all doing our best to stay home.
by | March 23, 2020

Filipinos always find something to laugh about amid bad times. We’re more than a week into the community quarantine and Pinoys are getting more creative at staying at home. Here, we’ve gathered some of the most creative takes on “quarantours” by Pinoy netizens:


Dreamland, Bulacan

The edit and music – you would just think that this was made by one of your favorite travel vloggers. Julius Lacanlale from Bulacan highlights that there’s so much to see at home before you start exploring your country. Don’t miss out on that classic cover-the-camera transition!


Angkas at Home

Perhaps this couple misses riding out that they’ve just decided to bring it home? Props to them, they’re wearing helmets!


DIY Travel

This family proves that you can have the best summer outing — even in your home’s shower! They even got their rashguards ready. (Let’s just hope they sanitized that bidet before shooting this TikTok.)


Summer 2020

Though this video was originally posted in 2018, our Summer 2020 might just look like this. If you don’t want next year’s summer to look like this, do your part: just stay home!


New Bike Trail

Even cyclists have become creative too! Instead of biking for hundreds of kilometers while enduring the heat, why don’t you just do it at home in full gear?


Wrong Door

Being stuck at home all day might just immerse you too far in your game of Skyrim. (This video gives us Narnia and Parasite vibes!)


Ming-ming, where are you?

Just like their owners, fur babies have started exploring places at home too. You know what they say: if it fits, it sits!


1 House, 8 Destinations

Facebook user Marlon Fuastino listed down the cheapest travel itinerary ever, all in the comfort of your own home! With a little creativity and cooperation with family members, you’ll definitely have a good time.


According to the DOH, COVID-19 cases in the Philippines could reach 75,000 in June without proper intervention. It may get a little difficult being on quarantine, but trying your best to stay indoors can be of great help already. If your only worries these days are being bored or running out shows to watch, then consider doing a privilege check! And if you are able, please donate to help our frontliners.


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