Pinoy Travel Photographers You Should Follow on Instagram

Flood your feed with breathtaking travel photos.
by | December 02, 2015

On Instagram, there are two kinds of travel photos: ones from people whose snaps are fun and whose hashtags are funny, whose shots are sometimes posed and annoyingly touristy but still succeed in stirring up your wanderlust.

Then there are ones from people who consider travel more of a lifestyle than a past-time–resulting in photos that take your breath away and make you book a flight to somewhere, anywhere, right that second.

Kick your feed into high travel gear and follow these Pinoy travelers on Instagram for a more than healthy dose of inspiration.

Kiko Meily (@kikomeily)

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A director and producer by day, Kiko takes photographs of the places that he visits in between takes. For crisp yet gritty images of urban life here and abroad, double tap that.  

Paolo Nacpil (@capturedphotos)

Paolo is a 23-year-old Nursing graduate whose passion in life is taking photos–something that is clear once you browse through his gorgeous feed of landscapes, seascapes, portraits, and long-exposure photos. If his feed isn’t enough to inspire you, then the fact that he’s self-taught definitely should!

Paul Quiambao (@paul_quiambao)

Paul is a multi-awarded photographer whose Instagram feed will take you on a great adventure. Make sure to check his Facebook page to keep up with where he is and what he’s up to, as well as the occasional video!  

Christian de Leon (@chriztiandeleon)

A self-proclaimed adventure connoisseur, Christian chronicles his journeys here and abroad through his Instagram account. If you’re into riding bikes then his account should have extra appeal.

Frankie Tumamao (@frankietumamao)

If you’re into your travel pictures moving, then following Frankie is a must. Following the hashtag #WheresFrankie will take you through videos that will make you feel like you’re on an adventure right along with him.  

Sarie Cruz (@tinybasil)

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As a director, Sarie’s adventures take her everywhere. Find your fix of colorful, dynamic and well-composed shots by adding her to your feed.

Dr. Amadeus Baraan (@grandeurtraveler)

Dr. Baraan is a dermatologist with an impeccable eye for composition. Follow him and live vicariously through him as he travels the world in luxury.  

Arturo Rafael Enriquez (@arturorafaelenriquez)

More than travel photos, Arturo’s feed is an art gallery of pieces that have been inspired by his adventures. If his feed doesn’t inspire you to see the world in a different way, or to go out and see the world–period, then I don’t know what will.


Know any other travel photographers who need to be on our travel feeds?


From city rat to island child, Alexis Betia has done a full 180 in her search for beautiful places. She’s learned the value of turning left where most people turn right, and of reaping the rewards of saying “YES!” to the universe. Books and beaches are her best friends.

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