15 Bucket List-Worthy Winter Sights

Get your coats ready.
by | December 01, 2015

It’s winter time in a lot of places in the world, and nothing goes better with the holidays than enjoying them in cold weather, bundled up next to a fire or enjoying a hot cup of chocolate. From mountains, Christmas cities, to the Aurora Borealis–Mother Nature and the world have a lot to offer in terms of places that will absolutely take your breath away with their winter wonder.

If these winter sights aren’t on your travel bucket list yet, get ready to add them.

15. Mt. Fuji


Seeing this great mountain during Christmas will definitely liven up your spirits (and your Instagram feed with breathtaking photos).

14. NYC


Packed with people, activities, and tradition, NYC is a great sight to see during the winter in preparation for Christmas. Make sure to bundle up.

13. Lake Tahoe, California

Emerald bay in winter 4

Known for its skiing and snowboarding slopes, the Lake itself is a beautiful sight to see during the wintertime with it’s snowcapped trees and frozen water.

12. The Tadami River, Fukushima, Japan


A breathtaking spectacle, the Tadami River turns bluish white during the winter. The bridge connecting the two landmasses is also beautifully covered in snow.

11. Bern, Switzerland



The town feels extra Christmas-y during winter due to the architecture of townhouses and the snow covering their roofs. Paired with festive decorations and quaint street lamps, Bern is definitely a must-see in this season.

10. The French Alps


What better way to experience winter than by snowboarding or skiing down the iconic French Alps?

9. Yosemite National Park


The shift from night to day and vice versa turns the valley into a jaw dropping spectacle of beautiful colors.

8. Boulder, Colorado


The rock formations in Boulder turn almost completely white during the wintertime, making for spectacular views.

7. Gullfoss, Iceland


The waterfalls in Gullfoss are surrounded by masses of snow during the winter, giving visitors a truly unforgettable sight.

6. Reykjavik, Iceland


A huge snow covered mountain overlooks the town of Reykjavik during the winter.

5. Vancouver, Canada


It rains almost all year long in Canada, so when winter comes the town suddenly seems different. The streets, houses and surroundings are covered with snow and Christmas lights, creating a breathtaking juxtaposition between nature and the cityscape.

4. The Norwegian Boreal Forest


Powdery snow as far as the eye can see against a beautiful landscape is what the Norwegian Boreal Forest has to offer during wintertime. Visitors should prepare themselves for 360 views of snowy, picturesque woods.

3. Salzburg, Austria


The Victorian style houses and buildings accompanied by beautiful snow covered trees give Salzburg an almost pristine, sacred feel during the winter.

2. Quebec, Canada


With heavy snow fall and a great Christmas spirit, the city of Quebec turns into Christmas land when winter arrives. The streets are lined up with Christmas lights and decorations. To top it all off, the smell of pot roast seems to linger everywhere you go.

1. Lapland, Finland


Besides being a mini Christmas town where you can actually check out Santa’s house and some real igloos, Lapland is a famous winter destinations for its stunning view of the Northern Lights.


Where else do you want to experience winter? Share your Christmas wishes by commenting below!

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