6 Unspoiled Beaches in Quezon Province for Adventure-Seeking Beach Goers

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by | April 18, 2016

There are a lot of popular beach getaways in the Philippines—from Boracay to Palawan and Cebu—but did you know that Quezon Province is also home to little pockets of paradise?

Aside from old churches and heritage houses, its sleepy countryside also has a lot of beaches mostly still untouched by major developers. These natural beauties may not be the most accessible, but their cast-away vibe makes it the perfect weekend spot for city dwellers.

Alibijaban Island (San Andres, Quezon)

About 8-10 hours ride to San Andres, 20-30 minutes boat ride to the island

This hidden paradise is located in the southern-most part of the province. Tourists will be welcomed not only by pristine beaches but also with warm smiles from the friendly locals. The “Pulo Dos” part of the island has a long stretch of white sand and a mangrove forest with clear waters connected to the sea. You can also see a sand bar during low tide.

Tip: Aside from limited number of nipa huts, there are still no accommodations available in the island so it’s best to bring your own tent or hammocks. Also bring your own drinking water and food.

Salibungot Beach (Jomalig Island, Quezon)

About 3 hours ride to Real, 5 hours boat ride to Patnanungan, 1 hour boat ride to Talisay, and 1 hour motorcycle or van ride

Salibungot Beach is one of the two best beaches in Jomalig Island which is famous for golden sand that turns pink at sunset (the orange tint of the sun reflects on the scattered red particles in the sand). Its shores are dotted by pine trees. These, plus a sandbar emerges on the other end when it’s low tide.

Tip: You can buy fresh seafood at Barangay Talisoy’s public market or go to Sitio Moros early in the morning for fresher finds (about 20 minutes away from Salibungot).

Kanaway Island (Jomalig Island, Quezon)

About 3 hours ride to Real, 5 hours boat ride to Patnanungan, 1 hour boat ride to Talisoy, and 1 hour motorcycle or van ride

This hidden paradise is located at the easternmost side of Jomalig Island facing the Pacific Ocean. Just like Salungot Beach, it’s known for natural ripples during low tide.

Tourists can also explore the Manlanat islets by wading through the shallow waters.

Tip: It’s the same route as Salibungot Beach so you can plan your itinerary and see both islands. Also, the boat transfer happens at the middle of the ocean so be prepared.

Cagbalete Island (Mauban, Quezon)

About 3-4 hours ride to Mauban, 45 minutes boat ride to the island

The place is perfect for adventurous and nature-loving tourists who want an escape from the city life. One of the things that make Cagbalete special is its low tide phenomenon when the water moves back up to a kilometer from the shore exposing a vast white sand ripples.

Activities in the island include horseback riding, hiking and water activities like scuba diving and snorkeling (bring your own gears). You can also go to the nearby Bonsai Island where you can see centuries old bonsai plants, or check out Baliscar Island and its lighthouse.

Tip: There are resorts in the area with prices ranging from PHP900-4,000 and most of them offer basic but comfortable accommodation. Tent pitching is also allowed for PHP300.

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Minasawa Island (Polillo Group of Islands, Quezon)


Around 4 hours ride to Ungos Port, 2.5 hours boat ride to Polillo

If you’re into bird watching then this is the most recommended place in Quezon to do just that – and more. The island is home to hundreds of birds which flock into the beach every morning and late in the afternoon. Turtles are also known to frequent the island especially during the breeding season.

Tip: Real-Polillo boats leave at 5:30 AM, 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM

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Dampalitan Island (Padre Burgos, Quezon)

3.5 hours to Lucena, 45 minutes to Unisan, 1-2 hours boat ride to Dampalitan

For a laidback retreat, head to Dampalitan Island and enjoy the crystal clear waters and lush scenery. It can be included if you want to have a Padre Burgos island tour (with Borawan, Puting Buhangin and Kwebang Lampas) but Dampalitan has the widest bed of creamy white sand.

Tip: The island is ideal for overnight camping (tent pitching at PHP100) but if you want to stay in a resort, there are resorts available near Dampalitan. Price ranges from PHP550 to PHP4,000. The Padre Burgos island tour is PHP1,800 good for 8 persons.

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