South Luzon

Treat yourself to a much-needed change of scenery for a night or two.

Wake up to a stunning view of Mt. Banahaw.

Have a sweeping view of Balayan Bay as your background.

Still under the Team Kahoy and Team Puti spell? This stay will be right up your alley.

No need to go hiking for hours to wake up to a scenic view.

Up to 10 people can fit in the glamping tent.

The farmhouse can accommodate up to 8 guests, as well as your furbabies.

Pro tip: Book the corner rooms for the best views!

There are two houses that can accommodate up to 16 guests.

The property looks straight out of a magazine spread.

A new picture-perfect restaurant away from the crowd.

Take a break from the road in style.

It has a bonfire pit in the backyard!

It has a private pool and can accommodate up to four guests.

Your dream work-from-paradise setup is now nearer.

It has three rooms that can accommodate up to eight guests.

There's a bonfire pit, mini gazebo, and mini swimming pool.

Why fly to Cebu when you can drive to Laguna?


Don't underestimate their size; these houses come with full amenities.

Experience nature, art and culture, and good food all at once.