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A nature retreat for your family and pets!

No more drawing plans with friends!

No need to spend millions in buying a seafront property.

It’s the first of its kind in the Philippines!

Enjoy half a hectare of beach property.

There are more cafes worth seeing near Tagaytay.

It’s a Bali-inspired haven within reach.

One of Tanay's largest camping grounds where you can enjoy a full outdoor adventure.

Take a break from driving and warm up with a cup of coffee.

Indulge in tasty and healthy food al fresco style.

Go on a road trip heading South!

Enjoy the best views of Laguna Bay and Sierra Madre Mountains.

An experience that’s literally away from the crowd.

Let go of your worries for a while.

Sip coffee, get cozy, and stop being lonely.

Up to 30 guests can be accommodated per stay.

Go on an adventure for your next beach getaway.

No need to book expensive tickets.

Give your eyes a break from screens and treat them to this view instead.

Seeing the scenic volcano has never been this close.

For a unique beach getaway.