It’s Sakura Season! Know When to Capture Japan’s Cherry Blossoms With this Forecast

It's almost spring!
by | February 18, 2016

We’ve all daydreamed about standing under a rainfall of the soft, delicate pink flowers. We figured the sakura won’t be waiting for you, so here’s a guide of when they’ll be turning Japan’s springtime one of the most beautiful and breathtaking in the world.

Sakura Season 2016 calendar

Best places to go to

If you want the full experience, here are places you can go to where you can stroll with the cherry blossoms beneath your feet or have a hanami under the trees.

Cherry-Blossoms-Japan 2

The Ueno Park in Tokyo has 800 cherry trees—EIGHT HUNDRED. But of course this beauty comes with a lot of fans so it can get a little crowded, but at least you’ll be able to share the experience.

Here’s how you can get there.

cherry-blossoms-japan 3

Smack right in the middle of Tokyo is Shinjuku Gyoen where 65 kinds of sakura thrive. As a plus, the place is open 24 hours—you can spend the whole day in Shinjuku Gyoen and have the best time ever!

Here’s how you can get there.

cherry-blossoms-japan 4

So you already have the pretty blossoms around you, how can the experience get even more beautiful? With Mount Fuji of course! In Lake Kawaguchi, you won’t only be in the presence of the beautiful cherry blossoms, but also the spectacular view of the snowcapped Mount Fuji.

Here’s how you can get there.

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