This New Starbucks Branch Inside a Greenhouse Lets You Take Your Coffee Break Among the Flowers

Is this the prettiest Starbucks branch you've ever seen?
by | June 24, 2020

Starbucks has a certain aesthetic when it comes to their stores that you can probably recognize them immediately — a long table that can be shared, a few couches for those working or studying long hours, high bar-like tables for people just stopping by for a quick chat, dark wood, earthy colors, and dim lights. And rarely do they ever step out from these rules. It’s proven successful — it makes their branches familiar, making people come back again and again.

But this probably makes the branches that step out of these rules all the more special. Just look at this newly opened Starbucks branch inside the amusement park Yomiuri Land in Tokyo, Japan. Located inside the Hana Biyori greenhouse in the amusement park, this Starbucks branch is bright and light and airy and surrounded by colors all over, as opposed to the usual earthy colors and dark wood.


Still in theme

When you order, you’ll see that behind the counter, Starbucks remains true to its signature look. You’d recognize it immediately with its wood furnishings and uniform boards and all over Starbucks cafe aesthetic

Starbucks Hana Biyori Japan

Photo from Yomiuri Land


In a greenhouse

But beyond that? It’s a large hall full of floral trellis, hanging baskets, and pots of fuchsias, bellflowers, begonias, petunias, geraniums, and more. Even that big sign that says “STARBUCKS” is made of living plants.

According to the official website, the concept behind this design is “a new lifestyle with coffee,” and it shows. The brightly lit hall has glass on all its walls and the roof that allows natural light in. By the counter seats, an aquarium 8 meters long contains the colorful Okinawan fish. Being surrounded by all the flowers and greenery would surely allow you a breath of fresh air from your daily grind.

To experience this unique Starbucks branch, you need to get into Yomiura Land’s Hana Biyori garden, which would cost you ¥1,200 for adults 600 for children. Check out their website for more information.


Would you want to visit this Starbucks branch? Tell us how you plan to spend your time there!

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