The Most Luxurious Pet Hotels in the World

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by | June 02, 2016

Most days, pets are just so much better than people. If only airlines would allow—wouldn’t it be dreamy to explore the world with your four-legged buddy? No arguments on where to eat, what to do and other petty, yet really annoying, itinerary issues. Your pet will just be so, so happy to be tagging along.

Unfortunately, that travel experience may have to remain in your daydreams for now. And as you think about the beautiful possibilities of exploring with your pet, include these luxurious pet hotels! Go ahead and pretend you can afford to give your pets the ultimate, five-star experience.

Spoiler alert: You’re gonna want to stay in these hotels, too.

The UK: The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel

Visit their website here.

Your favorite feline deserves to feel like royalty. The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel will give your baby that and more. After all, it’s an award-winning lodge set in the beautiful countryside. A stay here is sure to relax and refresh your pet. Going way beyond comfort—The Ings’ guests are given a pet fire fly and jelly fish, wooden climbing tree and virtual TVs in their customized suites.

You can even request a massage and a bedtime story for your cat. As for food, expect only the best. Think along the lines of salmon and caviar. Watch the video below, and prepare to get serious envy.

California: Paradise Ranch Pet Resort

Visit their website here.

When you put your dog in a new environment while you’re away, the last thing you want is for your dog to be caged the entire time. That will just add a huge amount of stress to your already-distressed buddy. At Paradise Ranch, dogs can run free in huge, beach-themed grounds. There’s are also a lot of fun water features your pet can play with.

And when it’s sleeping time, the dogs sleep together—slumber party style. That ensures your baby is always supervised and in good company. If you want to check on your dog, Paradise Ranch provides owners access to their webcams.

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Australia: The Vet Lounge

Visit their website here.

Here’s another topnotch retreat for cats. The Vet Lounge features 18 cat suites that are designed to look like various countries. This way—when pet-owners leave their cats for a vacation—their babies can pretend they’re on an exotic holiday, too.

If your pet cat tends to be really clingy, the lounge’s soothing music may distract your baby from missing you so much. And if the clinginess goes both ways, fret not! Your cat will be in perfectly-capable hands as the Vet Lounge’s attendants are trained veterinary staff.

UK: Essex Pooch Palace

Visit their website here.

The Essex Pooch Palace experience starts with a chauffeur picking up your pup. When your pet arrives, he/she will be greeted with an elegant room featuring central heating, sofas, chandeliers and a television. Limited to only 10 rooms—the attendants will surely give your dog the care and attention he/she deserves.

Your dog will also be walked at the Essex’s private farm for exercise. And if you give them instructions to do so, they can groom your dog for you.

Ohio: The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa

Visit their website here.

Just from seeing its façade, you know your pet is in for a treat with a lavish stay at The Barkley. Cat suites feature a gorgeous view of a tropical aquarium while dog suites have access to a cool swimming pool. There are also landscaped gardens and televisions to keep your babies well-entertained.

Care is 24-hours, so you can hush your worried heart. And if your pet is still a baby, already a senior or has special needs—The Barkley will definitely be able to accommodate that.

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So, what’s first on your wish list? How about your pet’s list? Sound off below!


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