8 Ways to Cool Down in Camiguin

Surely, you'll Camiguin.
by | June 08, 2017

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5. Chill out at the Sto. Nino Cold Springs

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In contrast, Sto. Nino Cold Spring is a large pool with a chilly 20°C temperature. This natural cold spring flows down from Mt. Mambajao and is filtered by layers of minerals from the mountain, making it naturally clean and crystal clear. The main pool is quite large and deep, ranging from four to eight feet. The water here flows into a smaller pool built for children. Locals believe that bathing in this spring for an hour or more can help one’s skin feel smoother and look younger.

6. Fizz out at the Soda Water Park

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One of the more unique springs in Camiguin is known for having natural streaming soda water, which locals claim has a fizzy taste. Visitors can try drinking soda water directly from a fountain nearby. While time has degraded the natural soda underwater and changed the taste of the soda water to fresh water, it’s still a pretty nice place to take a dip. The Soda Swimming Pool is surrounded by lush greenery of trees and flowering bushes, making it a pleasant stop for picnics.

7. Go chasing Waterfalls

Camiguin has its share of waterfalls, but only a few of them are relatively accessible. The most popular and one of the tallest is Katibawasan Falls, the entrance of which is reachable by motorbike or car. Katibawasan Falls stands 76 meters high and streams down from the mountainside located in the middle of the forest. You can take a dip in the small basin at the base of the falls.

Tuawasan Falls is a bit smaller and more set apart from the tourist resorts in Agoho and Yumbing. Getting here involves a pleasant 30-minute hike following the river bed.

8. Feast at a Floating Restaurant

In between all that adventuring, you’re sure to get hungry, so why not head to a floating restaurant to grab a hearty meal? J & A Fishpen Resort and Restaurant offers seafood and Filipino specialties like grilled tuna, crabs, pancit, squid adobo and sinigang with a refreshing view of the sea.

Formerly a fishpond, J & A Fishpen was eventually converted to a floating restaurant for tourists. What’s nice about the place is that you know the fish you eat is fresh. You can even go fishing in the fishpens nearby and have your catch cooked any way you want.

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What’s your favorite spot on the island province? Let us know what else we should check out!

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