This Week on Instagram: Gorgeous Kalanggaman Island in Photos

It has everything you ever dreamed of in a beach holiday.
by | August 27, 2016

Crystal clear waters, white powdery sand, and long sand bars—what’s not to love? Kalanggaman just recently became a go-to place for travelers who enjoy basking in the sun and taking in the beauty of nature. It’s located in Palompon, Leyte and named after a local dialect which means “bird.” Some say it’s because of the different species of birds living on the island, while some claim it’s because the islet has sandbars on both sides which resemble avian wings.

If you’re planning a trip here soon, remember that there are no fancy accommodations or restaurants. Make sure to bring a tent, a sleeping bag, or a hammock if you’re staying overnight (Have you ever tried hammock camping?).

Keep in mind, though, that it can get really cold at night so bringing a blanket or a jacket will come handy.

Here are some photos to get you more excited!

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How to get there:

1. Take the flight from Manila to Tacloban.
2. From the airport, ride a van going to Palompon.

**You can also get to Kalanggaman from Cebu Airport by taking a taxi to go to Pier 3.  Then take the fast boat going to Ormoc or a ship to Palompon.

3. Once in Palompon, you can ride a bike called “potpot” to go to Palompon Liberty Park to pay the fees for the Kalanggaman EcoTour. From this point, the boat ride going to the island takes about an hour, or 35 minutes for speed boats.

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