Pray for Providence: Visit These 5 Tokyo Shrines for Luck

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by | August 01, 2016

No flight to Japan would be complete without visiting a luck shrine or two, but did you know that each shrine is also unique  with the type of luck it gives?  Whether it’s for  love or career advancement, there’s a specific temple the locals flock to for blessings aplenty.

Here are five shrines where you can get your fill of blessings in the Tokyo area.

Yushima Tenjin for Higher Grades

This Shinto Shrine is a frequent visiting site of scholars and students who pray in hopes of  passing their entrance examinations, especially for the University of Tokyo, which isn’t far from the shrine. It sits atop a slope in the Ueno district, five minutes away from Ueno Park’s Shinobazu Pond. If you don’t want to pray for high grades, you can also visit during  the months of February and March to view the beautiful “Ume” (Japanese Apricot) blossoms.

Kanda Myoujin for Wealth and Business

Kanda Myoujin is a shrine located in Akihabara, just a 15-minute walk west from Akihabara’s main street Chuo Dori. The gods enshrined here are known for giving good fortune to those who  need  a boost in wealth and prosperity, making it a popular shrine for businessmen.

Also, because Akihabara is a place known for its  electronic goods and games market, the shrine has recently become the guardian of I.T. data, and has sold lucky charms for protection against virus infection, hacking, and computer crashes. The charm even looks like an integrated circuit chip. Perfect as a souvenir!

Imado Jinja for Love and Smooth Child Birth

One of the two most popular shrines for love is the Imado Shrine, which you can find 15-minutes away, on foot, from the Asakusa Station. You’ll know you’re there when you see hundreds of Maneki Neko (Beckoning Lucky Cat) statues around it. It enshrines a deity couple: Izanagi and Izanami, known as Japan’s first parents,  worshipped for blessings in marriage and prosperity. So if you want to double-time your meeting with that destined life partner, then head over here for some needed luck. Or if you’ve already found the love of your life , then visit this shrine together for continued happiness.

Yoyogi Hachimangu Shrine for a Successful Career

Located atop a hill in a peaceful residential area, that is a short walk from from Yoyogi-Koen station is this Shinto Shrine dedicated to the God of War, the Hachiman. This shrine is popular to  those seeking guidance with competitions and career promotions, particularly the Japanese businessmen and celebrities.


Narita-san Fukagawa Fudo-Do for Safe Travels


Fukagawa Fudoson (popularly known as Narita-san Fukagawa Fudo-Do) is a well-known Buddhist temple where one visits to pray for road safety. It’s located in Koto which is partly land reclaimed from Tokyo Bay. Don’t be surprised by the number of cars that arrive to be blessed! If you’re about to go on a long journey in the country by car, too, then this is where you should go.

Any  shrines  you’re hoping to visit when you’re in Tokyo? Tell us below!

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