20 Infographics that Will Make You a Better Traveler

Travel well!
by | August 10, 2015

Traveling is something you’d like to do for pleasure, not to get more stressed out. And good news, there are plenty of ways to do it right. Here are 10 of them.

1. The Shoestring Budget Guide

buzzfeed shoestring budget

With just PhP 5,000, you can spend at least two days in Hong Kong, or one in NYC, Paris, San Francisco, or London.


2. The Other Shoestring Budget Guide

buzzfeed how far will your money take you

Choose wisely!


3. The Guide to Booking Plane Tickets

When to buy online tickets

Don’t forget to delete cookies and cache of travel websites each time you view them. Old prices might still get in the way of new and updated prices, so delete, delete, delete.


4. The Here’s-Why-You-Should-Have-Travel-Insurance Guide

buzzfeed travel insurance

But only when you really need it.


5. The Couchsurfing Guide

buzzfeed couchsurfing

This can actually spare you a few bucks for your accommodation, especially if you know someone in these cities. But even if you don’t, there’s always time to make some new friends.


6. The Tip for Tipping

wego tip for tipping

Tipping is a nice way to show your appreciation and satisfaction to any kind of service. But take note of these do’s and don’ts to avoid offending or over-tipping anyone.

Once you’ve settled your dues, it’s time to get to the most difficult part: packing.


7. The (Very Simple) Luggage Guide

buzzfeed luggage

A duffel bag is best for a quick trip. The common carry-on should do just fine for two weeks while a 26″ or 29″ inch suitcase is best for trips that can go for more than three weeks.


8. The To Pack or Not To Pack Guide

smarter travel should i pack it

Admit it, whether you’re planning to stay away for the weekend or out for a business trip, you always end up over-packing because you might use this sweater just in case or this pair of shoes in case you go jogging (yeah, right). Answer this infographic to know which one to #letgo.


9. The They See You Rolling Guide

Lifehacker they see you rolling

Instead of folding your clothes, roll them in to save more space.


10. The Does It Fit Guide?

buzzfeed packing guide

Now that you know which items to pack and how to roll your clothes, it’s time to actually fit it all in your suitcase. You don’t just toss it in, it’s done step by step.


11. The Secret Packing Guide

The secret compartment

Don’t put all your money in one place. Store bigger bills in empty Chapstick containers or in lotion bottles. Who steals lotion?


12. The Backpack, Backpack Guide


Don’t you just envy how Dora can fit literally everything (even a shovel) inside a backpack? Well, her backpack magic is now debunked.


Budget? Check. Luggage? Check. Travel woes? Here are a few more tips to get the best out of flying and traveling by car:

13. The That’s My Spot Guide

thats my spot

If you’re as brilliant as Dr. Sheldon Cooper, you’ll know which seat has more legroom or the best window view. Pick your seat ASAP before Sheldon starts rambling on about the history of planes.


14. The No-Sick Guide

no sick

Catch some C’s and z’s


15. The Stay Fresh Guide

Stay fresh

Try walking to the bathroom from time to time, as well, to avoid sleeping feet and legs.


16. The If-It Fits-It-Sits Guide

carry on

No, this is not about your cat. If you’re bringing a carry-on, double check if it’s the right size and weighs just enough. You don’t want your bag to be left out without you.

Here’s the full list.


17. The Handy Guide


Keep in mind these standard and general rules before placing anything in your hand luggage.


18. The Pedal to the Metal Guide

pedal to the metal

If you choose to go on land, be sure to monitor the state of your car at least one week before your trip.


19. The Safety First Guide

car safety

Sort out which items you need most and place them nearest you.


20. Finally, The Pet Guide

buzzfeed pet guide

They get stressed out, too! So show some gesture of love to keep them calm and research about the rules of airports and states on bringing pets in.


Travel woes, begone. Have a happy trip! And if you got your own tips, post them in the comments!

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