Backpacking 101: Pack a Month’s Worth of Stuff in Your Carry-On

The ultimate Clown Car trick of packing.
by | July 23, 2015

Watch Tom Ayzenberg, a travel blogger, neatly stuff 13 shirts, 13 pairs of underwear, 12 pairs of socks, two pairs of pants, two hoodies,  one towel, one pair of sneakers and one pair of sandals into a 22-inch long, 14-inch wide and 9-inch deep wheeled backpack.

He calls it the Clown Car Style of Packing. Get it?

Jozza Alegre Palaganas prefers staying in one place for long-ish periods of time when she travels. Partly because she likes to pretend she's local, but mostly because she's sentimental.

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