Travel Promos to Catch This Week: Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, Traveloka

Book, book, book!
by | October 02, 2019

It’s a new season (well, at least in other countries), so Traveloka made sure to give you discount coupons for your holiday flights! Book now through the official Traveloka mobile app. For further details, check out the official Traveloka website

Booking period: October 1 – 6, 2019

Travel period: Anytime


Our Tips When Travelling
  • Prepare a budget. You seriously need to stick to a budget!
  • Travel smarter and cheaper when you use booking apps and websites for a place to stay.
  • Pack light. That’s a rule for every trip.
  • Keep a journal, if you can. It’ll make the experience more memorable.
  • You could also try to get lost. Sometimes, that ends up being even more fun than any package tours.
  • If you’re flying solo, make sure to keep safe! Because safety is always the number one priority.
  • Be a responsible traveler and make sure to bring out whatever you bring in.


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