October 2019

Cambodia has so much more to offer than just the Angkor Wat.

Let’s climb that bridge when we get there.

So you finally did it. You traveled to an entirely different city or country alone, and you're totally giving yourself a pat for doing something brave and exciting for once. Good job, self! But a few days into your trip, you

Sounds good just about now!

A dream come true for book lovers.

Na zdorovie!

Everyone knows how important planning for trips in advance is. You need to get the best deals for your flights, hotels, and activities to make the most out of those precious vacation days. Still, the real challenge comes when variables out of your control would force you to rebook flights. Well, this is where Cebu Pacific comes in to the rescue. Starting October 22, 2019, Cebu Pacific will offer CEB Flexi, a flight add-on that gives travelers the flexibility to rebook their flights up to two times for a minimal fee. With CEB Flexi, passengers can also rebook their flight until two hours before departure.

Enjoy, but with a few precautions.

Living up to its name.

Have a good night’s sleep under the dome.

A peek at one of our most luxurious islands.

Still, a beautiful country.

Let's cap off the week right.