COVID-19: How to Prepare If You Still Need to Travel

Better be safe — and prepared — than sorry.
by | March 12, 2020

While the World Health Organization (WHO) has not yet put out stricter recommendations on global travel (in fact, WHO discourages travel bans and trade restrictions), a lot of people are already skeptical about pushing through with their trips overseas due to the threat of the due to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). There are many factors to consider from risking exposure to the virus to being forced to quarantine before and after entering a destination to altogether being restricted access.

And even if it’s just flying locally, you still need to go through the airport, where many people who may have risked exposure elsewhere gather. Not to mention the quickly rising number of cases of COVID-19 around the country. But if you really think that you still need to fly out despite all the travel bans due to the COVID-19 and the options to rebook or refund your booked flights, you really should be prepared. Here are some of our travel tips to prepare against the COVID-19 threat.


Get yourself a window seat

Most passengers on planes actually rarely move about due to the cramped space, resulting in lesser contact with other people, which is essentially what we all want in this trying times. But according to National Geographic, a study has found that those in window seats have much fewer encounters with other passengers than those in other seats. Which means if you can spare a few bucks to secure that window seat, you probably should.


Actually disinfect your plane seat

While planes are disinfected in between flights, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. You can pack disinfecting wipes and use them before you need to settle down in your seat for take off.


Bring hygiene essentials

Some may think you can buy the things you may need wherever you’re going. There’s probably a convenience store somewhere there that has all the essentials you’d need. But with the panic-buying everyone is doing all over the world, do you really think there’d be anything left when you get to your destination? That’s why it’s better to just pack your own supplies from alcohol and hand soap to wipes and tissue.


Wear a mask

Health officials advise people not to wear masks unless they’re sick or caring for the sick, but if you’re traveling, wearing one is still good practice. Why? You have no control over who you’re going to be sitting next to, and if that person is coughing and sneezing throughout the flight without a mask, a mask will be crucial to staying healthy.


Wash your hands as often as possible

Just because you went to another province or another country doesn’t mean you should stop the habits you’re practicing at home. In fact, you should all the more do all of them, especially the hygienic practices. Wash your hands frequently. Bring alcohol-based hand rubs and disinfecting wipes for when there is no running water immediately available.


Disinfect anything you need to touch

Since you already have hygiene supplies, you should certainly put them to use during your trip. Wipe down any surface your hands may come into contact with, especially those you may frequently touch like table tops and arm rests. And especially your phones.


If you’re sick, just don’t go on that trip

There is absolutely no reason to put yourself — and the people around you — through all that struggle and risk. Safety first, safety second, and safety third. For you and everyone around you.


How prepared do you think you are? Tell us below.

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