6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India’s Golden Ring You Can Visit in Under a Week

The ring of fire holds a lot of beautiful sites to see!
by | February 28, 2020

India is a beautiful country that has a storied past. One of the most popular regions to visit is the Golden Ring. The cities included in this area are New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. If you only have a week or less to explore, these three stops provide a glimpse of what India has to offer. If you’re planning a trip and are interested in UNESCO World Heritage Heritage Sites in India, these are the places to include in your itinerary.


Taj Mahal

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Located in Agra, the Taj Mahal is synonymous with India; it is the most recognizable and iconic attraction in the country. Visitors must see this architectural masterpiece. Its elegant white façade, beautiful design and interesting back story make it a compelling attraction. Shah Jahan a Mughal emperor at the time had the Taj Mahal built for the tomb of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal.


Agra Fort

All the attention goes to the Taj Mahal whenever tourists go to Agra. However, there is another UNESCO Heritage Site to include in your itinerary the Agra Fort. The Mughal Dynasty emperors called the complex home until 1638 when Delhi became the country’s capital. This beautiful fortress exemplifies the design aesthetic of its time. Explore the complex and imagine what life was like during the age of emperors.


Qutb Minar

This heritage site in New Delhi is a towering minaret that measures 73m high. Qutb ud Din Aibak had the minaret’s first storey built in the early 1190s. In the succeeding centuries, the minaret got higher and higher until it reached its peak height as you see it today. Other than the minaret, there are many important monuments in the complex. Get lost in time exploring the complex during your visit.


Red Fort

unesco world heritage sites in india

The emperors of the Mughal Dynasty called the Red Fort in New Delhi home for almost two centuries. Emperor Shah Jahan had the fort built in 1639. The aesthetics of the fortress combines Timurid, Persian and Hindu influences. This ancient and imposing complex is now one big museum of nostalgia. Explore its every nook and cranny to imagine how royalty lived.


Jantar Mantar


Sawai Jai Singh II had more than ten astronomical instruments built during his reign; this collection is called Jantar Mantar. One of its main features is the biggest stone sundial in the world. It finished construction in 1734 and the Indians used it as an observational tool centuries ago. You can find this heritage site in Jaipur.


Pink City

unesco world heritage sites in india

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The Pink City of Jaipur is the newest UNESCO World Heritage in India’s Golden Ring. It got its moniker because of the distinctly pinkish hue of many buildings. One of the most recognizable structures in the city is the beautiful Hawa Mahal. Get lost in the city; enter its narrow alleys, walk in and out of shops, buy souvenirs and soak in the chaos and culture in this small part of the region.


Which of these UNESCO World Heritage sites in India do you want to visit? Tell us below! 

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