Why You Should Add Mongolia to Your Travel Bucketlist

Your next great adventure awaits.
by | August 02, 2018

Once you leave Ulaanbaatar, there will be fewer and fewer buildings. This means that you get an unobstructed view of the sunset and sunrise as you drive further away from the metropolis. The sunsets and sunrises in the country are nothing short of spectacular. If you’re in the desert, the golden desert will turn into a fiery red and the dunes will look like orange, ocean-like waves. If you visit during winter, the red and white landscape will have a tinge of yellow-orange. The rolling grasslands welcome the new day with a display of light and shadow. The camping ground’s violet-red skies melt with the white, snow covered and vast wasteland. You’ll have plenty of time to wait for and admire the sunrise or sunset during your trip.

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