WindowSeat Tunes: Easing into Long Haul Travel

Here's a playlist, enjoy the trip!
by | October 21, 2016

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You’ve dreamed of traveling to far off destinations halfway across the world, but no matter how frequently you’ve flown overseas, you’ll never get the hang of the discomfort of being in an airplane for over eight hours. Being packed together with a hundred other strangers, eating questionable in-flight meals, and not getting a wink of sleep on your small seat… it’ll take a miracle for you to keep your cool in mid-air.

But with earphones and a good playlist on hand, you’re guaranteed to survive. Sit back, relax, and let these hand-picked albums of chill music calm your nerves during that grueling long haul flight.

“Neon Hour” by B.P. Valenzuela

“Heartsongs (For Humans)” by Arigato, Hato!

“How I Love” by Jess Connelly

“Oh Wonder” by Oh Wonder

“Wanted on Voyage” by George Ezra

“Pittsburgh” by William Fitzsimmons

“Battle Studies” by John Mayer


Happy travels!


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