These 5 Countries are Changing the Way We See the World

A little bit at a time.
by | October 09, 2015

Change is a constant thing in our lives and it’s something that we cannot avoid. Whether it’s good or bad, it all depends on how we choose to act and react.

Take, for instance, these countries that have changed their way of living. They’ve changed the way they see (and consume) their resources, optimizing their use and setting an example for the rest of the world.



The city of Paris recently went on a vehicle-free experiment after it was named the world’s most polluted city in March of this year. Believe it or not, the results were outstanding.

Although the experiment was only done in a few parts of the capital, the experiment was able to reduce at least 40% of nitrogen dioxide levels and noise pollution in just one day. Yes, just one day. Just imagine what that car-free day can do if it was a daily routine–a whole city can be pollution-free in just a few months. Imagine what a day like this could accomplish in terms of conservation if every country in the world would participate in this kind of experiment.

China (The Brave Men’s Bridge)


It’s called Brave Men’s Bridge for a reason. A bridge with a view is always welcome, but would you dare to cross one with a view of everything 600 feet below you?

China took advantage of its geological surroundings and made sure the country’s natural beauty wouldn’t be bypassed. It’s definitely a new way to literally take things to a higher level, and amp up strategies to attract tourists. Guests don’t need to worry for safety because the glass used was made to withstand pressure and bending, so you can strut and pose all you want on the 980 feet long bridge.



Those boxed up garbage cubes from Wall-E are real, and they can be found in Sweden. All waste is recycled one way or another, making sure nothing becomes harmful, with almost 99 per cent of all the households participating in the recycling scheme. They have even started converting waste to other forms of energy instead of burning fossil fuel.

To top that off, the number of people using bicycles as their primary means of transport has ballooned and led to less car crash-related deaths. Who wouldn’t want to live in a clean and safe country?

The Netherlands


Nope, it’s not the world’s most awesome wave pool (although it could be), but the world’s largest man-made wave, made to measure just how much impact and damage a real wave can cause in times of calamity.

The project, which took three years to make, can cause waves up to five meters tall. The project is aimed to better inform people and the government about tsunamis, their impact, and how to better construct flood and tsunami defenses.

Indonesia (Funtasy Island)



You might think it’s impossible, but this eye-catching project is already halfway done, with some of its attractions already up and running.

The aim of the park is to group together six different islands in Java and Bali and form them into a massive eco theme park. Taking advantage of its strategic geographical location, the park will cover at least 328 hectares of nature trails, water parks, beach clubs, safaris, and even an aquarium where visitors can swim with marine animals–nothing but peace, quiet, fun and relaxation. Better keep your fingers crossed for its faster development!

These changes and innovations might be a little bit too extreme and organized, but it’s better to face on new challenges ahead and be prepared rather than take no risk at all and lose a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

What countries do you see as game-changers?

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