Springtime Shopping: Hop into the Season at Europe’s Easter Markets

Here are some of the best to catch this year!
by | March 22, 2018

I didn’t know Easter Markets were a thing in Europe until I saw one.

Early spring in Brno, Czech Republic, I found myself standing before a chain of wooden huts. Despite the cold, warmth emanated from the little square formed by these little huts. The scent of smoky sausages and hot chocolate also hung in the still-wintry air.

I’d see people — including a group of preschool children, all bundled up and accompanied by their teacher — approach the square and emerge later with several shopping bags or just a steaming cup of hot beverage cradled in their gloved hands when they leave.

It was an Easter Market. And across other European countries — in Central Europe mainly — were more similar seasonal fairs welcoming spring and new life through a showcase of regional specialties, ranging from food to traditional clothing to handicrafts.

If you’d like to experience one yourself, here are some of the best Easter Markets you can catch this year:

Prague, Czech Republic

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