5 Exciting Local Airbnb Experiences You Should Try This Summer

Where to take that pay this weekend.
by | March 13, 2019

Don’t mind getting your hands dirty? Here’s a fun workshop for you! Learn the basics of urban gardening from an urban gardener and aquaponics enthusiast, who has traveled the world to gain more knowledge about her hobby and passion. During the session, you will be oriented with the types of plants you can grow in an urban setting. You’ll also be given the chance to harvest herbs and pick flowers, which you will enjoy as part of your meal at the end of the class. A true sensory experience, this activity is perfect for green thumbs and green thumb wannabes based in the city.

3. Join a bamboo bike tour in El Nido
P700/1.5 hours
Includes: drinks, equipment and transportation
Book Here

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