6 of the Best Budget Waterproof Action Cameras

Because we all want good travel photos!
by | August 11, 2016


There’s no point in traveling if you don’t have a good camera, or a cellphone with decent cam specs. It’s almost a travel commandment for the social media aficionado and, boy, there’s so much frustration if you don’t at least get a decent shot of that underwater adventure, or rapid-fire action in high definition.

While the GoPro is still the ultimate choice for sports cameras, not all people have the cash to buy such a luxury, never mind those who are already on a budget getaway.

Fret not! Here’s some of today’s best waterproof camera picks on the cheap:

VicTsing Sports 2.0 Inch Waterproof Action Camera

Price: PHP 2,796.83 (excl. shipping fee)

See specs and purchase here. | See sample video footage here.

One thing travelers search for when buying a camera is versatility.  The VicTsing Sports 2.0 Inch Waterproof Action Camera is  at the top of its game. With its small size and comparably light weight, it can go from steady to sporty pretty quick. It is ideal for underwater activities, and can shoot videos up to 30 meters in full HD up to 1080P@30fps, 720p@60fps and 720p@30fps. Its premium grade package also offers a ton of accessories, so it’s one of the best GoPro alternatives you can get on a limited budget.

EKEN H9 WiFi Sport Action Camera

Price: P1,970 (discounted)

See specs and purchase here. | See sample video footage here.

While it was dubbed as a  cheap GoPro  competitor, its specifications are fully loaded for an action camera at a price point lower than PHP2,000.  It also has WiFi connectivity for conveniently transferring of photos and videos to a smartphone or  any other gadget. It’s really ideal if you’re  a sports cam newbie and on a very tight budget but still want to capture the thrill of your adventures.


Price: PHP7,758 (discounted price)

See specs and purchase here. | See sample video footage here.

With its intriguing design, one can’t tell that this is an action camera or a piece of medical equipment upon first look. It is HTC’s first entry in the action cam market, so its L-shape tube appearance is unique. It doesn’t have much of a fish-eye effect like the GoPro, but it boasts an ultra-wide field-of-view at 146-degrees and video recording up to 60fps at 720p. It can be connected to an Android or iOS smartphone via the RE app, which can function as the cam’s remote control. Settings can also be configured with this app, and your shots can be edited as well.

SJCAM SJ4000 12MP Wi-Fi Action Camera

Price: PHP3,499 (discounted price)

See specs and purchase here. | See sample video footage here.

Shockproof and waterproof at the same time, this sports cam is ideal for all your extreme activity stills, as it allows you to shoot up to 100 feet. Whether it’s underwater or at the top of the mountain , clear photo and video are guaranteed up to 12-megapixels.

Sony Action Cam with WiFi

Price: PHP8,999

See specs and purchase here. | See sample video footage here.

Not only can you take extreme selfies and videos with this Sony Action Cam, it also has an Exmor R®CMOS sensor’s distinct design that allows you to shoot clearer images in low light, so you don’t have to worry much when the sun goes down. It also has the Electronic SteadyShot for those with shaky hands and the Underwater Mode, which is everyone’s favorite.


Playground CAM100

Price: 5,990

Purchase here. | See sample video footage here.

It’s hip, it’s lightweight and it’s cheap. One review says it shares the same elements as the GoPro, which is very visible from their physical appearance. With its 1080P resolution HD-quality, it comes with wide array of free accessories that is perfect for an all-around traveler. It has a built-in display, and its battery lasts a bit longer than a GoPro’s. So if you want the cam that looks a lot like GoPro (but isn’t), this is the one.

Any other cheap sports camera we missed? Share them below!


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