A Beginner’s Guide to Jeju Island

A beginner's guide to one of the most breathtaking places in the world.
by | July 22, 2019

via Jeju Special Self-Governing Province / Jeju Weekly

Jeju has a wonderful bus system, and you can easily take one from the airport to your hotel. If you’re going to be staying at Seogwipo (the city south of Jeju), you can take a limousine bus. The fare ranges from ₩1,300 (~Php 57) to ₩5,500 Won (~Php 238).

A more comfortable option is to get a taxi or rent a car, but this requires a valid driver’s license, an international driver’s permit, and of course, your passport. Jeju International Airport features several service desks for car rentals, so you can get one as soon as you arrive. Depending on the size of the car and any other service or insurance charges, you’ll have to pay around ₩39300 (~Php 1,400) to ₩ 80900 (~Php 3,500) per day.

The best way to get around for Filipinos is to book an organized tour. Many Filipino travel agencies already offer tours in Jeju with English-speaking guides, and a group of fellow pinoys to explore the island with. You can also opt for a Hop On & Hop Off Tour Bus.


Must-See Sights in Jeju Island

If you’re looking for things to do in Jeju, you’ll find that you’ll never run out of things to take your breath away.


Mount Hallasan

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