10 After-Work Hangout Places Around the Metro

Because the evening is just getting started.
by | August 05, 2016

It’s a normal weeknight. You’re tired, everyone’s tired. You feel the weight of your workload on your shoulders and you just want to relax. While beer is sometimes the answer, you wouldn’t want to risk the hassle of a hangover the next day. So how about a fun, quiz night or a chill music night with your colleagues? Sometimes, a little escape is just what you need!

1. saGuijo Café + Bar Events

7612 Guijo Street, Makati City

Go when: You want a night filled with music.

In an area full of pubs catering to the local music scene, saGuijo is a veritable urban legend. Sitting in the Makati residential neighborhood, it features today’s most exciting bands from different genres to feed your music obsession. Grab a few light drinks and catch-up with your peers as you get serenaded for the evening.

Check out their lineup on their website or follow them on Twitter.

2. Nihonbashi Tei

Arnaiz Ave., Makati City
Tomas Morato, Quezon City
Ermita, Manila

Go when: You want to release your inner diva.

If your idea of de-stressing is singing your feelings out, Nihonbashi Tei is the place to be. From their delicious Japanese cuisine to their huge videoke rooms, it’s a great avenue to vent all your stress away.

3. The Wild Poppy

2/F Menakor Bldg., 5666 Don Pedro St., Poblacion, Makati

Go when: You want an artsy ambiance.

With its artsy and Instagenic interiors, this newly-opened place can be your go-to chill-out rooftop spot in the dining district of Poblacion. If you’re dying for a food crawl with your friends, they offer a menu of Modern Asian delights with such resounding names, you wouldn’t forget them (Try their famous Pok-Pok Bites!). They’re open until midnight, so you can have all the time you want to relax and just chill out with great company. Check out a review here.

4. Ludo Boardgame Bar & Café

Quezon City: No. 26 Scout Torillo St. Corner Scout Fuentabella
Makati City: No. 38 Jupiter St. Corner Planet St. Brgy. Bel-Air

Go when: You’re up for a board game challenge.

From the extensive board game selection, the in-house food, to the unique game-related events, Ludo is “Manila’s first and premiere board game bar and café.” Take your mind off work for a while and test your board game prowess in this spacious hub. Sometimes they have geeky events, too. (Check out their Murder Mystery Party).

SRC: http://www.ludogames.ph/

5. Bunk

8th Floor, Jovan Buillding, Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City

Go when: You want to “sit on a rooftop at 2A.M. and talk about life.”

Tucked away in busy Shaw Boulevard, this rooftop bar is just the escape you need from the hustle and bustle of the metro. Its yuppie owner, Francine Delos Reyes, wanted to bring the hip culture of the Berlin art scene, thus giving birth to this obscure hangout. Enjoy the view of the city lights that’ll surely set you in the meditative mood you’ve been craving for. Check out their page to see what we’re talking about.




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